Judicial Branch's Computer System Attacked With Ransomware

The Connecticut state judicial branch’s computer system was down after a cyberattack, but is back up and partially functioning, an official said. 

The judicial branch said the system was infected with ransomware Friday morning. This is the second ransomware cyberattack against Connecticut state agencies in two weeks.

According to an official, the protective order registry was impacted. Court clerks are faxing those orders to law enforcement and these orders will be entered manually over the weekend. 

After the ransomware was detected, the information technology division immediately took steps to contain the infection.

They said no private information was released, no data was breached and no files have been lost.

The judicial branch is working with its security vendor to get an updated security file that they said would eradicate the infection.

IT staff will work through the weekend, according to judicial staff. 

The last step will be to bring the systems back online. 

Dockets are being prepared for Monday.

In late February, 160 machines across 12 agencies were infected with the WannaCry virus

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