Judicial Employees Trained On Muslim Culture

The state’s judicial system hopes to help its employees have a better understanding of the Islam and Muslim cultures.

A state bail commissioners and juvenile and adult probation officers took the course.

The goal is to help them better communicate with Islamic cultures, be more sensitive to the needs of everyone and recognize the challenges they face.

The training comes in a time when religion is being discussed on the national political stage.

"And the reason why we are doing this is because we’re concerned about the stat that 62-percent of Americans have never met a Muslim before and so they are more likely to believe all those things that in the media.. all those negative misinformation that’s spreading," said Aida Mansoor, president of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut.

Mansoor said about 100,000 people make up the Muslim population in Connecticut.

"But that number is very approximate because many Muslims do not want to self-identify as Muslim because their fear of backlash."

The course is part of a yearly training in which employees can select electives that best suit the needs of the people they service.

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