Justice Department Investigating Connecticut's ‘Motor Voter' Program

The Department of Justice will be investigating the state's "motor voter" program after they've found "widespread noncompliance" with federal laws, according to a letter sent to Connecticut officials. 

The "motor voter" program allows citizens that submit a driver's license application to the appropriate state motor vehicle authority that will also serve for voter registration application. 

"This is to notify you that I have authorized a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut and appropriate state officials to enforce compliance," with the "motor voter" program, Vanita Gupta with the Justice Department wrote the state's attorney general. 

"Throughout the State, it appears that applications for a Connecticut driver's license or a non-driver identification card generally do not serve as applications for voter registration with respect to elections for Federal office, and that change of address forms do not serve as notification of a change of address for voter registration purposes if the applicant is moving between two towns," Gupta explained. 

Gupta said they hope to resolve the issue and will delay filing the complaint for a short period of time in order to permit the state to settle the matter. 

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