Customers, Keep Eyes Peeled for Thieves Pilfering New Apple iPhones: Police

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Now that Apple's newest iPhones have hit stores, New Haven police are warning customers to be careful about displaying their new devices when leaving the store in the event someone might be lurking nearby who wants to steal them.

Now that Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on the shelves, police advise people to take the following precautions when leaving the store.

  • Activate the phone tracking software right away.
  • Conceal your new phone, tablet or device somewhere safe and out of sight. Even your pocket is preferable to your hand or the front seat of your car when you leave it because it won't be visible to make you the target of a robbery.
  • Don't plug in your headphones right away to listen to music. Listen to your surroundings so you can be more alert about any potential robbers nearby.
  • If you think you're being followed, go to a well-lit area and/or walk toward people.

But if a robber confronts you anyway and holds you up, give them what they ask for, police said.

"A phone's nothing to get hurt over," police said.

Authorities caution that "thieves are watching."

"They see you leaving the store and they know you've purchased something they want. Don't make it easier for them," New Haven police said. "....Remember… swinging your new phone shopping bag as you walk out of the store is just like wearing a sign that reads; 'I have a new 6s in my front pocket… and you’re welcome to it.'"

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