Keep it Down! This Is America's Quietest City

We like to think of us as pretty civilized in Connecticut, not a rowdy bunch.  The people at Men’s Health seem to agree.

Men’s Health has broken the country into decibel levels and separated the vivacious party animal cities from the places that make less of a peep.

Yes, it’s another list and Hartford’s on it. Our capital city is the quietest place in the United States out of 100 places that were ranked.

“If silence is golden, then Hartford, Connecticut, is a veritable Fort Knox,” according to Men’s Health.

Detroit was named the noisiest. Surprised? We didn’t think so.

The loudest cities are so noisy your heart races and you can’t sleep at night, the magazine reports.

So, does that mean Hartford is changing its motto from “New England’s Rising Star” to “Live Here and You Can Hear Your Self Think”? Probably not.

But Mayor Eddie Perez is pretty darn proud and making noise about how quiet his city is. Especially, since the gold medal for hushing comes out about three weeks after a noise ordinance went into effect.

The prizes for noise or lack there of, were not just based on the city fining it’s loudest residents. The Men’s Health number crunchers also looked at traffic-congestion, whether there is a curfew on air traffic and how many hours a night people sleep.

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