Keno Outpaces Projections

The Connecticut Lottery's newest game, approved by lawmakers last year, is making a lot more money and has a lot more players than most people imagined.

“We think next year is going to be very strong and it might even rival our powerball revenues," said Anne Noble, President & CEO of Connecticut Lottery.

In the first month with the game in more than 350 new retailers and hundreds of other existing CT Lottery retailers, it brought in $7 million in revenue.

It is fat outpacing projected revenues of $10 million in the first year and $17 million in the second year.

Rep. Jeffrey Berger has been the most vocal supporter of approving Keno in Connecticut and was successful in 2015 in bringing the game to Connecticut in his role as chairman of the General Assembly's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

Berger said he had a feeling the game would be popular because it's done well in neighboring states like Massachusetts and New York. He predicts the state will far surpass the projected revenue for the next fiscal year.

"The state’s take is going to be probably well north of $25 to $30 million and we’re excited about the revenue and people being excited about Keno,” Berger said.

There are retailers that have screens to watch the games happen live every four minutes and there are others that don't.

For retailers with monitors, they're averaging new sales of $2,300 per month from Keno, while those without monitors collect $230 in new lottery sales per month.

Noble, with the CT Lottery expects the game to become even more popular.

“We’re doing exactly what we expected it to which is very well in the State of Connecticut.”

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