Perv Pleads Not Guilty to Prom Fetish Assault

A Bridgeport man forced women to wear prom dresses, then assaulted them, cops said

A Bridgeport man with a creepy fascination with a fetish film pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a bizarre and disturbing crime. He is accused of kidnapping two women and forcing them to dress like they were going to a prom before sexually assaulting them, Bridgeport police said.

Joshua Gonzalez, 27, of Bridgeport forced two 22-year-old Fairfield women into his apartment at gunpoint on a Sunday night in July, ordered them to put on prom dresses and nylon stockings, and told them he was recreating a scene from the fetish movie "The Stocking Secret," police said.

The women protested, so Gonzalez handed them a black book and told them to write their complaints in it, the Connecticut Post reports. Then, he turned it into an even scarier situation when he handed several bullets to one of the woman and told her to hold them, the newspaper reports.

Gonzalez forced the women to lie on either side of him and fondle him while he touched them before letting them go, he said.

He was arrested Monday, charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and gun charges, arraigned Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court and ordered held on $600,000 bail.

His lawyer declined comment Tuesday and the case was continued to Sept. 15.

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