Kind Coworker Beaten, Raped, and Stomped On

A woman may have saved her own life by playing dead in East Rock Park.

That was after she was beaten, raped, and stomped on by a man she tried to help.

The woman agreed to give a man she worked with a ride home at about 1:30 Friday morning.  And the coworker turned on her, Hamden police said, beating her in her own car. 

When she fell out the door, it just got worse.  "While outside of her vehicle, the individual then sexually assaulted her and physically assaulted her," said Hamden Police Captain Ron Smith.   When she tried to call for help, "he broke her cell phone."

The vicious attacked continued as the suspect, identified by police as an illegal immigrant, forced the victim back inside the car and drove to the northern section of East Rock Park in Hamden. 

Unbelievably, this woman's terrifying night would continue.   She told officers she begged for her life as her coworker raped and beat her again along a deserted pathway in the park.  "He then attempted to snap her neck," added Captain Smith.  "He stomped on her with his feet on her chest."

Finally, the attacker took off, apparently because he thought his victim was dead.   She laid there quietly, without moving, until he drove away and she ran to a nearby house for help. 

That was about 3:40am, after enduring two incredibly brutal hours.

The name of  her alleged attacker has not been released yet, and police believe he may be in CT illegally from Mexico.  He's charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges.

Meanwhile, the good hearted woman who was trying to do a favor, underwent surgery at Yale New Haven Hospital.

"She was very courageous," police remarked.  "If you know what she went through.  Unbelievably courageous."

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