‘Kindness Counts' Program Working to Spread Through Newington

Kindness Counts is a program meant to motivate people to be nice to one another.

One Connecticut town is working to send positive vibes, and it needs your help.

It’s called Kindness Counts, and Newington town leaders are hoping the idea spreads across the state and beyond.

“What it is, is to stimulate and motive people to be nice to each other,” said Bill DeMaio, superintendent of Newington Parks and Recreation.

Starting in May, Newington Parks and Recreation will let residents officially nominate their neighbors for their good deeds.

“Be kind, do something nice for their neighbor,” DeMaio said. “Make them a cake, bake them a pie, rake their leaves, cut their grass.”

Volunteers from the department will then go to that person’s house and put up one of these green signs personally recognizing them as a nice person.

Local churches and organizations are already spreading the word.

“If everyone is encouraged to do a little bit extra, then lives begin to be changed,” said Rev. Melanie Enfield of Church of Christ Congregational. “When we gathered last month—everyone was in favor of it, and so we’re ready and willing to jump in and get the ball going.”

Newington residents we spoke with say they like it.

“I would help to mow the lawn or shovel.” Roberta Schaffer said.

“I think it’s wonderful and more people should get involved,” said Janet Hebert, Newington.

The program will run from May through July and will culminate in a celebration at Mill Pond Park.

“We’re hoping people that drive through form other towns—from New Britain, West Hartford, Wethersfield and Berlin will drive by and see these green signs—they’re not red, they’re not blue they’re apolitical—and they say hey Newington has got something going on maybe we should do it,”’ said DeMaio.

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