West Hartford’s Great! Kiplinger’s Says So

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We can’t help but love West Hartford, and we’re apparently not alone.

It's 9th on Kiplinger's list of 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade.

West Hartford and Burlington, Vermont (number 8) are the only two New England cities on the list.

West Hartford won over Kiplinger’s because it’s a place where neighbors know each other, and it’s a hub destination for shopping and dining. Just try and find an outdoor seat at one of the restaurants on a nice summer night and you’ll see just what you mean.

The magazine’s top 10 is based on population growth, income growth, the unemployment rate and the cost of living.

“Small business is the new game in town, and everyone is playing,” according to Kiplinger’s.

The magazine will hit the newsstands on June 8, but you can find the story on line right now at http://www.kiplinger.com/guides/best-cities/

You can take a virtual tour of West Hartford on the Kiplinger web site.

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