Kleen Energy Wants More Time to Rebuild

John Parra/Telemundo

A public hearing is taking place on Tuesday regarding the Kleen Energy power plant in Middletown about the plant’s application for more time to rebuild.

In February, six men were killed and several more were injured during an explosion while gas lines were being purged.

The plant requested to extend the opening date from this November to the spring of 2011, at the latest, the Hartford Courant reports.
Residents and elected officials in Portland, right across the Connecticut River from the power plant site, are opposed to the facility’s request.

A hearing will be held at 1 p.m. at the Connecticut Siting Council in New Britain.

Lawyers representing the plant have objected to expected testimony from residents and officials at the public hearing, and told the Courant that statements should be considered commentary rather than evidence.

Several Portland residents, state Senator Eileen Daily, and state Representative James O’Rourke have pre-filed testimony for the hearing.

The siting council’s ground rules for the hearing do not include economic issues such as property damage, the Courant reports. The focus of the council is balancing potential negative environmental effects and the public need for the facility, according to siting council executive Derek Phelps.

“We’re the ‘public’ in public hearing. This is about public safety. In a major catastrophe like this, the red flag goes up. We’re they rushing towards completion? Were they more concerned about finances than safety measures?” Portland Selectwoman Susan Bransfield told the Courant.

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