Governor Lamont Transportation Plan Receives Early Democratic Praise

Gov. Ned Lamont's latest transportation plan is receiving early praise from Democrats

Some Democratic legislative leaders are giving early, positive reviews of Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont's latest transportation improvement proposal, which includes limited tolling on certain major bridges. 

The Democratic governor's staff on Wednesday gave lawmakers a private preview of his $21 billion proposal, which he's expected to unveil publicly Thursday. 

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz says he likes "a lot of the components" in the plan, which includes improvements to highways, bridges, rail and bus lines. He says it "might need a little work" but it's something he could "totally embrace." 

Unlike earlier transportation proposals, this plan focuses on addressing the state's worst traffic chokepoints, an idea welcomed by Democrats and Republicans. 

But Republicans, who've also met with Lamont's staff, still question whether highway tolls are necessary to accomplish that goal. 

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