Uncle Sam's Arms Are Wide Open

If you're like most people, you spent last night sorting your Form 8879's from your Schedule 2's, counting up your charitable donations, and writing a check to Uncle Sam.

The last minute rush is on, as filers count down the hours until midnight -- the deadline to file.  In New Haven, last-minute filers lined up to drop off their returns at the Brewery Street post office an hour before the doors opened.

Experts say there is usually one reason most filers wait until the last minute.  "They owe," said Leon Zahaba with H&R Block.  "Some just procrastinate because they know they're going to pay and they figure there is no big hurry to get it in."

Zahaba says if you aren't going to be able to file on time, you should at least file an extension to avoid penalties from the Feds. 

While procrastinators wrap up their returns, some protesters are speaking out against the Obama administration's stimulus package.  Tax day tea parties are being held across the country including several in Connecticut.  (Read more about tax day tea parties here and here.)

"The money they've spent in the last 100 days or so, it's insurmountable," said Rich Curtis, organizer of the Norwich Tax Day Tea Party.  "My grandchildren won't be able to pay off that money and that's what our concern is. So we're letting our representatives know we're not happy about it."

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