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Countdown to Christmas: Final Shopping Sprint is On

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The last-minute Christmas rush is on and it seems many are waiting until the end to get everything done.

From the butchers to the cooks, it takes an army of staff to keep things running smoothly at Highland Park Market in Manchester.

 “Leading up to Christmas is the two busiest days of the year. Today is insane. And Christmas Eve is our biggest day of the year,” said Molly Devanney, Highland Park Market vice president.

Devanney said they bring in a refrigerated trailer to hold some prepared foods. There are extra staff to help with all of the extra customers.

“Little crazy but it’s beautiful in here,” said Holly Bennet of Vernon.

While it’s organized chaos here, outside on the roads near the shopping areas things got a little crazy.

“It’s nuts. I went to work earlier this morning, came home, picked up family, did some last minute stuff, and I’m going home,” said Rich Wilcox of Vernon.

 “It’s crowded but we’re getting our shopping done,” said Ramone Manning of Windsor.

Back at Highland Park Market, they are ready for even a bigger day on Tuesday, with sales about double a normal day.

“We live off the adrenaline we get from the customers from knowing what they want and from preparing everything and getting it ready for a successful pick up at the store to get home to have a great meal with their family,” said Devanney. 

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