Lawmaker Proposes CPR Training for All Drivers

The Joint Committee on Transportation will be meeting on Wednesday and one of the bills up for discussion would require drivers to be certified in CPR.

The goal behind the proposed bill, number 6054, is "to increase cardiac arrest save rates by requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation training prior to the issuance of a motor vehicle operator's license.”

The bill would prohibit the commissioner of the state Department of Motor Vehicles from issuing or renewing a driver’s license if an applicant has not received a civilian certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

State Rep. Diana Urban, of North Stonington and Stonington proposed the legislation, which has generated hundreds of comments on the NBC Connecticut Facebook page.

Some question whether the state will pay for the certification.

Others said the state should not be able to force people to learn CPR, it should be a choice or left to the professionals.

Some people feared the diseases performing CPR could lead to.

Some also brought up the liability for lawsuits.

“I see lawsuits claiming that bystander drivers had a duty to act and try to save people in accidents. It could make some feel obligated to put themselves in dangerous positions in an attempt to help.” one person posted.


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