New London

Lawrence + Memorial NICU Hosts Four Sets of Twins

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London is hosting eight special little guests in their NICU this week.

Tabatha Balabin is in new mom bliss rocking and cuddling her twin boys Mark and Alec Jr. They’re in the NICU - one of four sets of twins at the NICU now.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Balabin said. “You know one or two sets, and you’re like OK. Then there’s four sets, and you’re like what’s in the water.”

The sets of twins were all born within just days of each other. It’s a rare occurrence to have them all in this NICU at the same time.

“Four is unusual,” said neonatologist, Dr. Edward James. “Usually we have a couple of sets, one set, maybe, but four is unusual.”

Since they spend a lot of time here, some of the moms have even gotten to know each other.

“It’s pretty cool,” said new twin mom, Esther Griffin. “I love twins. I always wanted a twin before I found out, but it’s nice. There are all kinds of different twins on this level and the moms. I’ve actually talk to one of the moms.”

They all share a similar story about their babies’ unique entrances into the world.

“I’ll tell them that there was four sets of you guys in the NICU,” mom Robinane Barnes said.

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