Lawsuit to be Filed on Behalf of RHAM Teacher Struck and Killed

Hebron could soon be facing a lawsuit over the death of a RHAM Middle School teacher struck and killed in the school parking lot in March.

The town received a notice on behalf of Dawn Mallory-Bushor's estate, explaining that it's planning to sue.

Mallory, 65, was a Groton resident and taught seventh-grade math. She was killed while walking into the school building the morning of March 17.

Police said a parent had just dropped off her kids when she accidentally drove into the bus lane, then backed up and reportedly ran over Mallory.

“It's a sensitive situation for all people involved,” said Hebron Town Manager Andrew Tierney.

Tierney is one of several people named in the notice but said he couldn't elaborate on the details.

“We have notified the town’s attorney and the insurance company,” Tierney explained.

The notice claims that the crash happened because of a dangerous or defective roadway and blames town officials.

According to the notice, the town had not conducted a proper traffic study, and there were no speed bumps or signs in place to direct traffic during the morning and afternoon rush.

The notice alleges that there was no adequate plan for parents dropping off and picking up students.

“We're going to do what we need to make it safe,” Tierney said.

Since then, the town has made some changes by installing speed bumps and new signage. It has also hired a consulting firm to determine what else may need to be done.

The town is asking for input from the public. A hearing is scheduled tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at RHAM High School.

Police are still investigating the crash. The driver has not been charged.

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