Lawyer Sees Other Side of a Stun Gun

Henry Pawlowski Jr., a lawyer for the state Freedom of Information Commission, was acting anything but lawyerly when East Hartford police pulled him over on Main Street, they said.

It started when Pawlowski fled from an automobile accident Tuesday and refused to get out of his car, said officers.   So, police pulled him from the vehicle.

He continued to fight, even after police asked him to cooperate, so they resorted to a stun gun, police said. That was not enough to subdue Pawlowski, so they brought out the dogs – a K-9 named Oden.

Oden’s proverbial bite out of crime had no affect because of the thick coat Pawlowski was wearing, police said.

Police cuffed Pawlowski and put him in the car. Still, Pawlowski fought with police, so they sprayed him with pepper spray, police said.

The matter got even worse when police found eight small blue zip lock baggies filled with a green leafy substance, police said. It turned out to be marijuana, police said. He told police he was holding it for a friend.

Within minutes, Pawlowski answered some questions but refused to a Breathalyzer test and to be finger printed, police said.

He was taken Hartford Hospital to be treated for a head injury, treated and released to police.

He posted a $100,000 bond and is due in court on Jan. 26.

Pawlowski was charged with evading responsibility, operating under the influence, disobeying an officers signal, interfering with police, breach of peace, attempted assault on police, criminal mischief, possession and sale of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence and failure to submit to finger prints.

It's also unclear whether he'll keep his position on the East Hartford School board.

The Associate Press left a message seeking comment from Pawlowski Wednesday at his office.

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