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Ledge Light Health District Reports Covid Outbreaks at a Day Care, Institution of Higher Ed

The Ledge Light Health District recorded an increase in COVID-19 cases this week following outbreaks at a day care and an institution of higher education.

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NBC Connecticut

Ledge Light Health District, covering towns in the New London region, recorded an increase in Covid-19 cases this week following outbreaks at a day care and at an institution of higher education.

The weekly number of Covid-19 cases within the district reached more than 300 for the first time in months.

"There are things that we can all be doing to keep our community safe," said Jennifer Muggeo, deputy director of health for Ledge Light Health District. "Mask up when you can and when you are with people, get vaccinated if you can, limit gatherings if you can. These are all things that, together, we can be doing that can have a positive impact on our community's health."

According to Muggeo, LLHD also recorded outbreaks within households and congregate living situations as well as transmission associated with social gatherings.

Ledge Light Health District is strongly advising people to wear masks indoors in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

One of the outbreaks within LLHD was at an institution of higher education. Connecticut College in New London reported an outbreak of Covid-19 cases last week that forced the school to move into a cautionary quarantine.

This week, Connecticut College reported a decrease in Covid-19 cases. They have eased restrictions to alert level two.

According to the CDC, all but one of the state's counties are seeing a high level of Covid-19 transmission.

"People are looking for an end to this, but if we don't get vaccinated, if we don't mask when we are supposed to or socially distance, this is going to be around for quite some time," said Dr. Ulysses Wu, Hartford HealthCare's chief epidemiologist. "The purpose of a vaccine is to take a deadly disease and turn it into a normal disease. That's why we are getting vaccinated."

In the last week, there were 2,627 new COVID cases in Connecticut. About 70% were among people who are not yet fully vaccinated, according to state data.

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