Ledyard High School Seniors Receive Signs of Encouragement

The Ledyard High School administration team visited the homes of all 182 seniors, quietly dropping off a sign of encouragement.

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Identical lawn signs have been popping up in front yards across Ledyard and surrounding towns. The signs show the Ledyard High School logo, enclosed in a heart. The year, 2020, is written at the bottom.

"The goal was to spread the light," said Principal of Ledyard High School Amanda Fagan. "To bring a little bit of joy to these seniors and their families."

Fagan and the entire high school administration team went around to every senior's home and placed a sign out front. Ledyard High School receives students from 12 towns. They said that they traveled to each town, all 182 addresses.

The team worked discreetly and quietly. As the seniors started noticing the signs, without being certain who was behind them, some people on social media started saying it was the "sign fairy."

"Because it just magically showed up on one person's lawn and then kept showing up on other seniors' lawns," said Courtenay Barden, a senior student.

"It made me feel like I am a part of something," said senior Sarah Picone.

"It was uplifting to see that someone cares," added Natalie Hayes, who is also a senior.

Fagan said that the school's goal was to bring excitement and encouragement to the seniors' lives during a difficult time.

"It was never about the sign fairy. It was always about the seniors," said Fagan. "We have a responsibility to be a light in this darkness. I would rather look at ways that I can celebrate them and remind them of the great things they have done together and how special they are as a community."

It is a lesson that the students already seem to be taking to heart.

"The signs did that. It really just made me embrace what we have," said Picone.

"We are going to have big things going on in our lives, our whole lives," said senior student Savannah Wahrer.

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