Legendary Chupacabra or Sick Coyote?

Shaun Andree

Legend has it that when an animal is found dead, sucked of its blood, the chupacabra has struck.

The rumors have popped up in Texas, Chile and Puerto Rico, but has the mythical “goat sucker” moved north to Southport?

The mystery started when Shaun Andree found a dead goose in his yard. An odd-looking animal was eating out only the heart, Andree told the Fairfield Patch, it left the rest of the animal intact.

"He killed a goose and bit the heart out of it, but, other than that, he didn't do anything with it, which was weird," he told the Westport Patch.

Andree posted a photo of the dog-like creature with the big ears and long monkey-like tail on his Facebook page and dozens of Andree’s friends soon responded that it looked like the chupacabra.

Over about a week, Paul Miller, the town’s animal control officer has taken several calls about a similar creature, the Patch reports.

He thinks the heart-eating beast is not a thing of legend, but something showing up in Connecticut suburbs – a coyote. The reason for its ugly appearance, he tells the Patch, is likely that it’s sick with mange.

“They've been called many things - a chupacabra, reptilian-type animals with scaly skin," he told the Patch.

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