Legislators Call on Bank of America to Move HQ to CT Amid Controversial Civil Rights Laws

State legislators are calling on Bank of America to move its headquarters to Connecticut after after North Carolina, where the bank is based, passed a law restricting the rights for LGBT residents, the state's general assembly said. 

"Connecticut is home to world class financial institutions," Rep. Matthew Lesser of Middletown said. "We invite Bank of America to consider moving to a state that shares its social values and supports its LGBT workforce."

Banking Committee chairs, Lesser and Rep. Gary Winfield of New Haven, in addition to more than 40 other legislators, are urging to Charlotte-based bank to come to Connecticut after a new law blocks transgendered residents from accessing restrooms and prevents local governments from adopting nondiscrimination ordinances, the general assembly said. 

"If the State of North Carolina insists on standing on the wrong side of history by keeping this law on the books, we are more than happy to invite Bank of America to join us in Connecticut, where we are proud to stand with the LGBT community," said Winfield.

Bank of America is one of the biggest companies in North Carolina to openly oppose the controversial law, the assembly said.

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