Lego Employee Accused of Selling Toys on eBay

A 46-year-old Lego Systems employee is charged with playing around with the company credit card to line her own pockets, Enfield police said. 

Linda Hegarty, of Belchertown, Mass., is accused of buying toys from the company on her corporate credit cards, then reselling them and pocketing the profits. She's scheduled to be arraigned in Enfield Superior Court on Oct. 28 on a charge of first degree larceny. 

A Lego spokesperson said the company fired her from her job as a licensing coordinator at its Enfield office.

Hegarty is accused of buying more than $16,000 worth of Lego toy sets and reselling them on eBay. Lego does not sell its products on the online auction site.

An affadavit for Hegarty's arrest says she told officials she committed the acts because she was overwhelmed with debt.

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