Lembo Switches from Lt. Gov. to Comptroller Race


 Kevin Lembo was considering running for Lieutenant Governor, but the state healthcare advocate now plans to run for state comptroller.

The reason, Lembo said, is that he had planned to step aside if State Comptroller Nancy Wyman made a move to run for lieutenant governor.

Wyman did just that this week when she announced that she would run alongside Democrat Dan Malloy, who is running for Governor.

“Nancy Wyman has been my friend, mentor and colleague for more than a decade. There is no one more prepared to be our next Lieutenant Governor. It’s an honor to support her.” Lembo said. “I am also proud to launch my candidacy for the office in which she has so ably served for the past 16 years.”

Before he became the healthcare advocate, Lembo, of Guilford, was an assistant state comptroller for more than six years.

“There is no learning curve for me as State Comptroller, no on-the-job training that we cannot afford. I am ready to begin work on day one to tackle the complex issues that face our State, and restore confidence in our government’s ability to get the job done,” he said.

The job of comptroller includes serving as the state’s fiscal watchdog, as bookkeeper, payroll officer and independent fiscal analyst.

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