Lieberman and Dodd: BFFs

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says he's backing fellow Senator Chris Dodd in Dodd's 2010 reelection bid, even though Dodd campaigned against Lieberman in 2006.

"Oh yes, I'm going to support him," Lieberman told the  Washington, D.C. newspaper The Hill.  "I think he's been a great senator and a great colleague. We haven't agreed on everything, but nobody does," Lieberman said.

Dodd threw his support behind Lieberman's challenger, Ned Lamont, in 2006.  He even went as far as to record a television campaign ad with Lamont, something Lieberman said he was not pleased about.

Lieberman and Dodd were at odds again last year as Connecticut's junior senator backed Republican John McCain for President.

But now all seems well between the two. Dodd said he's happy to have Lieberman's support and that the past is the past. 

"The 2006 election was a terribly awkward time.  We've been great friends for 40 years, so this was one of those moments when two people who had had a great relationship ran into a very awkward moment. He had to do what he had to do, and I was sort of stuck with what I had to do … But we just have a longstanding, deep friendship that goes beyond collegiality," Dodd told the Hill.

Dodd, who was first elected in 1980,  may need all the support he can get in 2010.  He's facing scrutiny over dealings with Mortgage lender Countrywide, and a recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Dodd trailing former Republican Congressman Rob Simmons in a hypothetical Senate race.

Simmons said he will make a decision by the weekend.

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