Massachusetts Woman Injured in Fall Enders Falls in Granby

Enders Falls 1200

A 40-year-old West Springfield woman is recovering from serious injuries after falling down a rock cliff between two waterfalls at Enders State Forest in Granby on Sunday.

Officials from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said the woman fell 15 to 18 feet down a rock cliff between the upper and lower falls just after 5 p.m.

LifeStar then transferred her to Baystate Medical Center. Officials said her injuries are not life-threatening.

Several people recently have run into trouble at Enders.

In early July, rescuers rushed there to help a woman who had slipped down a waterfall.

Last October, a man slipped on wet rocks and fell thirty feet. He had been taking pictures of fall foliage and the waterfalls.

The forest is a popular place for swimmers and hikers.

“It goes down like a slope and every level there’s a waterfall and each one gets a little bit bigger,” says Jess Blajda of Windsor.

But among the beauty, there are signs that the cliffs pose a hazard, the rocks are dangerous, and a warning for people to be cautious.

Regulars there realize how easily something could go wrong.

“They’ve tried to put stairs and stuff and those make it way better but sometimes the rocks get very slippery. Like if you’re going across one of the waterfalls because people like to do that,” says Blajda.

People who visit Enders often say the warning signs that greet you should be taken seriously.

“Wear really good shoes and don’t think you’re invincible. Don’t just think that oh it’s slippery but if I just hold steady I’m good. No, you don’t see it coming,” says Blajda.

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