Lighting Up, Regardless of the FDA

Smokers react to FDA controls on nicotine

The only reason no one in the group was smoking was there's no smoking allowed in the coffee shop. Their cigarettes were ready and waiting for the quick trip out the door, a trip they just can't stop making.

"Stress usually has something to do with it," said Ray Lyons of Enfield. "You stop and you get the craving.  Me, it's usually three or four days and I'm right back to it."

He says it's the nicotine that makes him and his friends Smokers Unanimous. 

Smokers are reacting to the FDA's controls on nicotine.  Tracy Appleton said she might be able to quit if the FDA can provide her more help.  She hasn't been able to quit on her own.

Neither has Kevin Criscitelli, even though he's already had heart surgery.

"If you're a true smoker you're gonna find a way to get your cigarettes," he said. "I've been smoking fifteen to sixteen years.  I remember when I started they were $2.50 a pack.  Now, they're $6.70?"

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