Lightning Hits House, Starts Fire in Manchester: Witness

Storms on Wednesday is to blame for a house that lit on fire in Manchester, according to witnesses.

According to fire officials, a neighbor witnessed a lightning strike to the house in Sanford Road and called 911 around 4:25 p.m.

Neighbor Rachel Riggott didn’t see the actual lightning strike, but she did hear it.

"There was a loud crash of thunder and then everything lit up really bright," Riggott said.

When firefighters arrived they found heavy smoke coming from the second floor. They said no one was home at the time the fire started. 

The family will be able to move back into the home once the electrical utilities are checked for damage, firefighters said. 

While crews were able to confine the damage to one bedroom and no injuries were reported, they said heavy rain made traveling to the residence difficult and hampered their firefighting operations.

Manchester Fire responded to 35 calls for flooded streets and basements, fire alarm activations and car crashes during worst of the weather in this area.

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