Lightning Strike Sends Woman to the Hospital

One woman was sent to the hospital with second and third degree burns

Lightning struck a campground in Bozrah on Monday night, sending one woman to the hospital.

 The Odetah Campground was in shambles after a frightening lightning strike  and NBC Connecticut took a tour of the damage. 

The lightning was so powerful it hit a woman standing near a tree that virtually exploded, and she got second and third degree burns. She was taken to a hospital in Rhode Island and officials say she is in stable condition.

The current went through the ground  and people setting up their tents nearby claimed they could feel it too. Within seconds, it moved to campers across the way and blew out the window.

“I knew it was close. I thought it struck right in front of me,” said Charlie Sic. 

It was so close to his place it fried his cable wire and sparked a fire inside his living room and near the front door.

“I was running around the trailer going crazy because we put out the fire inside then I noticed the fire out here,” Sic added. 

There were hundreds of campers here at the time and many said they had never seen or heard anything like it.

“It was so loud we literally jumped out of our skin. It was that loud,” said Tracy Anderson.  

 She and her family were sitting in their RV at the time and she said her little boy had never been so frightened. 

“He was scared to death he was scared to death,” Anderson added. 

Firefighters said this was a close call for everyone at the campground, and they were lucky no one was seriously hurt.  

“I guess I live like a cat I’ve got nine lives…I guess I have eight left, “said Sic.

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