Liquor Permit Suspended at Meriden Bar After Large Fights Break Out

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The Department of Consumer Protection signed a summary suspension of a Meriden bar's liquor permit after a large fight and shooting broke out on Monday.

Officials said the suspension is for Tequila Galore, a bar located at 575 North Colony Street.

The DCP Liquor Control Division made the referral Tuesday regarding events that happened in the early morning hours of May 30.

The suspension comes after a large fight and shooting broke out, in which at least one person was shot and a suspected seven rounds were fired, according to the DCP.

This comes after two other incidents at or near the bar in the past month. This includes a shooting in front of Tequila Galore on May 14 and what's being described as a large disturbance that resulted in injuries. 12 officers were needed to disperse the crowd during this incident, which happened on May 12, officials said.

The liquor permit for the bar was first granted on a provisional basis on Nov. 23, 2021. It was approved for final permit status on Jan. 6 and was set to expire on Nov. 22, DCP officials said.

“It is clear from these repeated events that Tequila Galore is operated in a manner that compromised the health and safety of the public. Thank you to the Meriden Police Department for quickly bringing this matter to my attention. Immediate suspension is justified and necessary to prevent further public safety risks at this facility," said DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull.

The bar's premise license is immediately suspended and they can no longer serve alcohol or be open until further notice.

In the bar's summary suspension order, Meriden Police Deputy Chief Jerry Scully said officers responded to the bar Monday at about 1:10 a.m. Authorities responded to a call of an active fight.

Officials said they learned that a gunshot victim was dropped off at Midstate Medical Center, but he refused to cooperate because he didn't want to be a "snitch."

Responding officers found traces of blood around the bar, as well as several shell casings about 30 yards away.

DCP records show several instances of disturbances at the bar over the past several months.

"These cases cumulatively demonstrate that the premise has become a drain on police resources in a short amount of time, and that numerous provisions of the Liquor Control Act are purportedly violated with frequency," the suspension states.

The DCP commissioner said the incidents at Tequila Galore "demonstrate that the premise is operated in a manner that imperils public safety and highlights the need for better control of the premise by the permittee, backer, or their agents."

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