Little Girls Explain What Led to “Worst Haircut Ever”

The cutest interview ever is resurfacing on the Internet.

Two years ago, Hartford-based WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen decided to interview his two little girls, Sadie and Eva, about what he calls, the “worst haircut ever.”

Sadie, who was 5-years-old at the time, decided to give 3-year-old Eva a haircut. We’ll let you decide how it ended up looking!

A few weeks later, dad did what he does best, and took out his recording equipment to find out why the girls decided to do this.

“It’s sort of an occupational hazard. I do it all the time,” Jeff explained in a phone interview.

Jeff decided to post the girls’ explanation online in June 2012 and it has recently resurfaced.

Jeff explained that they took Eva to a hairdresser after to get it fixed but they still have the hair Sadie cut off.

“It’s in a bag; my wife thinks it’s disgusting, actually,” Cohen said.

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