Little Muskrat Gets Lost at Hartford School

A little muskrat who got a bit lost showed up at a Hartford school on Friday morning.

A security guard at the Breakthrough Magnet School called for help when he noticed the muskrat in the courtyard.

The muskrat apparently got stuck in a sewer or drain, according to animal control.

 "What happened is, the water up there got flooded and and he kind of went down a sewer or drain and that's how he got inside there otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get inside," animal control officer Thomas Fuller said. "He was up on the grass, digging a hole for his nice home, but  he couldn't stay there."

Animal control officers responded and coaxed the little guy into an animal carrier, then carried him off to the woods and released him at Park River in Hartford.

They can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Learn more about woodchucks on the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website

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EDITOR'S NOTE: HPD Animal Control originally told NBC Connecticut the animal was a woodchuck and an earlier version of this story stated that. Since, DEEP has confirmed the animal is a muskrat. 

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