Live Like You Mean It: CT Slogan in WI

Some Connecticut debates are timeless.

Who made the first burger?

Whose genius idea was the pizza?
And now, who was the first to use the expression “Live Like You Mean It”?
It’s Wisconsin’s new slogan, but it’s not that new to a New Haven woman, authors or Bacardi Rum.
Beverly Sastri is a motivational speaker and consultant in New Haven who advises people on how to live life to the fullest potential.
She said she trademarked the saying years ago.
“I did it while re-staging my life workshops, ‘Create The Life You Love’,” she said. “It’s a fun title. You’ve got quite a challenge to it. You say you want to do all of these fun things, but how do you live like you mean it?”
Sastri said she was a little surprised that Wisconsin didn’t see the slogan on her Web site, but it’s no big deal to her.
“We’ll see if it has an affect on my business, positive or negative,” Sastri said. “I’m not exactly sure what Wisconsin means … but it sounds like it’s an idea that you can have what you want and live like you mean it.”
Sastri isn’t the only one who uses the slogan. Other motivational speakers and authors have run with it. 
Then there’s Bacardi Rum, which launched an aggressive, albeit a little tipsy, ‘Live Like You Mean It’ campaign.
Wisconsin officials said there’s no legal issues with the trademarked slogan, simply because everyone is using it to promote different agendas.
And although there’ve been complaints by some who stake a claim to it, like Ellyn Luros-Elson, a dietitian from California, Sastri said everything happens for a reason.
“It’s actually kind of fun,” she said. “One of the things that I teach people is that the events of your life are always working on your behalf,  once you learn to interact with them”. 
She said she’ll stick with what she believes is the true meaning of "Live Like You Mean It."
“Live your truth with clarity, commitment, and conviction.” Sastri said.
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