L&M Officials, Union Leaders Back to the Bargaining Table

Workers and hospital administration at Lawrence and Memorial hospital are back at the bargaining table Friday night.

The new bargaining session started at 8:00 p.m.

Over 800 nurses and technicians went on strike Wednesday after contract negotiations broke off.

The union accuses L&M of transferring work to non-union affiliates and says it's looking for job security as the hospital transfers out patient care to save money.

"We're hoping that we have a resolution of the big sticking point issue which is patient care delivery so that we can get our nurses and care givers back to work right away and end this strike," said union spokesman Matt O'Connor.

Earlier today several hundred striking nurses and their supporters rallied outside the New London facility.

A hospital executive said he wishes they could provide air tight job security, but is unable to from a financial standpoint.

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