Loaded Gun Magazine Found Outside North Haven School

Police said they have not identified any security threats.

A loaded gun magazine was found outside a school in North Haven Tuesday night and police said they have identified a person of interest in this case as well as a vandalism incident at the school over the weekend.

Police officers were alerted about the loaded gun magazine when the principal of Clintonville Elementary School called them at 7 p.m. Tuesday after finding it on the ground outside the school.

Officers and detectives responded and searched the area, but did not find any firearms.

As the investigation continued, police were led to believe the incident might be connected to two early morning incidents on Sunday. The first was when a planter was thrown at a glass window of the school, police said.

The other incident was on Old Forge Road when police found an unoccupied damaged vehicle parked on the lawn of a home.

The police department has identified a 31-year-old North Haven man as a person of interest and said he has no apparent connection with the school.

They said they have accounted for the firearm they believe to be connected with the magazine they found.

Police are continuing to investigate but said they have not identified any security threats.

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