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Local Animal Shelters Receive Donations on What Would've Been Betty White's 100th Birthday

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Celebrating Betty White by giving back. Donations poured in to animal shelters and rescues as they honored the late actress who would have turned 100 on Monday.

On a cold night last January, an abandoned pit bull mix was found frostbitten and with a slew of other health conditions. But with time and a new name, Lincoln recovered and today, he has a forever home. It’s endings like that that shelters and rescues across the country work so hard to create, and a lot of it is done through generous donations.

“It does bring tears to my eyes because I know the impact the money has. I understand truly what happens when we get these animals better,” said Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Director Laura Burban.

On what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday, people across Connecticut donated to shelters and rescues in her name. Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, which helped Lincoln and many other animals find new homes, saw the donations come in.

“Today really exceeded my expectations. We put a goal up of $5,000 that we hoped to raise for this, and my guess is by the end of this, we’ll end up doubling what we thought, which is just unbelievable,” said Burban.

“All spring and summer, and obviously even off season, we try to take care of Connecticut’s native wildlife. We respond to calls from people that find either injured or orphaned wildlife,” said Farm River Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. Director Karyn Putney.

Farm River Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation also saw an increase in donations on Monday, ten times as much in one day compared to what they typically get in a week. It’s money that will go to neonatal formula and medical care.

“Just that people were seeking us out to help us, to help these guys was incredible,” said Putney.

In addition to wildlife, the nonprofit says last year they also saw an influx of abandoned domestic animals. It’s something Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter is seeing as well.

Monday’s Betty White challenge brought attention to shelters and rescues big and small. The 99-year-old was a well-known animal advocate, so it makes sense that she’d find a way to help them now even after she’s gone.

“I think it’s a huge impact to our industry that she cared as much as she did, and she was so outspoken. And I think it is our hope going forward that people will continue to donate in her honor on her birthday because it’ll bring awareness at the same time every year,” said Burban.

If you’d like to learn more about or donate to Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, you can click here. For more information about Farm River Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation or to donate, you can click here.

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