Local Band Rocks Out on Rockband, Again

With real guitars obviously being for old people, Connecticut’s own Mile Marker Zero  has joined the electronic music craze with the release of their second song “Laceration,” on to the RockBand network.

A revolutionary video game played by kids, teens and adults alike, RockBand allows players to jam out to all different genres of rock songs using simulated guitars, bass, drums and even vocals.

Mile Marker Zero, from New Haven, is the first Connecticut band to have a song available for download on RockBand.

“Laceration,” which includes driving-rhythms, odd-meters, and advanced vocals is promised to be much more challenging for gamers than MMZ’s previous songs on the system, “A Thousand Nightmares.”

Released on Oct.1, “Laceration” is available for download on the RockBand website.

Formed in 2003 at Western Connecticut State University, Mile Marker Zero has shared the stage with alternative-rockers, the Disco Biscuits and Spock’s Beard.

Mile Marker Zero will be showing us that live performances are not obsolete by playing two upcoming concerts. They will be performing at the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury on Oct. 29 and at Ace of Clubs in New York City on Oct. 30.

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