Local Church Volunteers Clean Up, Beautify Community Landmark in Meriden

NBC Connecticut

At Hubbard Park in Meriden, a local church has made it their mission to come out, clean up and help beautify a community landmark.

Thirty volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Meriden are partnering with the Meriden Parks and Recreation Department to not just cleanup Hubbard Park, but to make a greater effort to combat litter. 

For the Church of God, it’s all a part of larger environmental initiative called Mother’s Street, which the Church of God has been carrying out in more than 6,000 regions in 175 countries.

“Serving our neighbors and sharing love with our neighbors, it’s very important to us. It’s a teaching we learn in our church and partnership is really important with us,” said Volunteer Service Coordinator for World Mission Society at the Church of God Kimberly White.

“Collaboration is really important with consideration and respect so we reached out to the Meriden Parks and Rec. and we discussed what type of parks are heavily populated. They also said they want to combat that litter as well so we chose this park,” she added.

But the volunteers said it’s more than just about picking up trash, but creating a cleaner, safer and friendlier community for all to enjoy.

The City of Meriden is great appreciative. “This is wonderful to have a group of young people like that, to come with energy, clearly want to be here and make a difference. It’s great to see,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Facilities Christian Bourdon.

Local officials said this a great way to kick off Meriden’s Silver City Cleanup Project 12.0, which is part of a plan to conduct a big cleanup project in one area of the city once a month for the next 12 months.

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