Local Company Says New Health Plans More Expensive

More than 1,000 people have enrolled in Connecticut but not everyone is finding the Affordable Care Act very affordable.

Common Cents EMS Supply, a small company in Old Saybrook, already provides health insurance at no cost to its three employees. When the state health insurance marketplace opened on October 1, owner JT Dunn was curious to find out if he could get a cheaper plan.

"I chose what I thought was closest to our company's plan that we provide now," said Dunn.

He logged on to Access Health CT to find some surprising results.

"I was in shock," said Dunn.

That's because he found out he would have to pay $9,500 more per year for coverage. For the past eight years he's paid $58,237.08 per year for Anthem Blue Care basic HMO hospital deductible plan. A similar plan offered by Anthem on the health insurance exchange would cost $67,742.40 per year.

That new price doesn't take into account up front deductibles.

Dunn said he was given no real explanation for the price difference.

Connecticut's premiums on the exchange are the fourth highest in the nation. Access Health has said that's because the state has some of the highest medical costs in the country.

Dunn's insurance broker also told him their current Anthem plan would no longer be available after next year meaning they have no choice but to purchase insurance on the exchange.

"I had a lot of hope that if we liked our insurance plan we could keep our insurance plan," he said.

As of Tuesday 1,426 individuals and small businesses have enrolled for plans on the exchange. Dunn said he likes some of the new health care law but he hopes Congress will make some changes to help out small companies like his.

"They're really making it difficult to afford it and it's funny that the Affordable Care Act is not affordable," said Dunn.

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