Local Players Make it to the Big Leagues

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It really is every young baseballers dream to one day get drafted by a professional team. 

Well, last week, that dream cam true for 16 men with state ties, 11 of whom are native Nutmeggers

Harvey, a junior from Mystic, was one of the top starters in the country this year. The New York Mets picked him with the 7th pick in the 1st round.
Also picked in the first round with the 49th pick by the Texas Rangers was UConn 3rd baseman Mike Olt of Branford. While Olt was a bit surprised about being picked that early, the Rangers were intrigued by his power and potential.
Those two were the big first-day names, but there were nine other homegrown players picked over the next few days. 
Considering how small our state is, this was a pretty good day for our local talent. 
These players defied the odds to fulfill their dreams and truly give hope to all baseball players in the state that with heart and dedication, big league dreams are possible.
Jason Hendry is a director at NBC Connecticut. He is also an avid baseball fan and a high school coach at Hale-Ray High School.
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