Local Organization Wants Parents to Know About Free Summer Meal Programs

The end of the school year could mean that some children go without regular meals, but a local organization is ramping up its efforts to let parents know that free meals are available through the summer.

The Hartford-based organization End Hunger Connecticut! said many families aren't aware that several school districts and organizations around the state offer three meals a day through the summer at no cost.

The organization's executive director said right now, 20-percent of kids who participate in a meal program throughout the school year are using the program over the summer.

"One of the things we really worry about…the developmental delays that will happen because they’re hungry. You need food in order to fuel your body to continue to grow and when children are hungry in the summer, they’re not developing mentally," said Robin Lamott Sparks, the executive director of End Hunger Connecticut.

For a full list of where kids and teens can stop by for meals, click here.

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