Local Organizations Take Part in Red Nose Day

The REACH Foundation and the Wilson-Gray YMCA joined in on the Red Nose Day festivities Thursday on Thursday by giving away free food in Hartford.

The two nonprofits partnered to host an outdoor pancake breakfast outside of the Albany Avenue Y location, followed by a hot dog lunch at State House Square.

The events were designed to raise awareness about the two organizations and their work to help thousands of children in need in the Hartford region all year long.

Leaders of the REACH Foundation and the YMCA said they’re glad to put on bright red noses in fun while reminding the public that children in need exist right in Hartford.

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“We don’t have to go around the world to find these children. We can find them right here in our own backyard,” Mark Wilson, president of The REACH Foundation, said.

“We’re trying to make sure that the kids have everything that they need to be successful. So we look at Red Nose Day as an everyday thing,” said Clinton Hamilton, executive director of Wilson-Gray.

They’re hoping that spirit will spread and remind everyone to lend a helping hand to the young people in their community.

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