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Rescue Group Ensures Cats, Dogs Find Their Forever Homes

Across the country there are millions of animals in need of adoption and many states are forced to euthanize pets that can’t find homes. Therefore, a rescue group in East Hartford is taking steps and making some big trips, to ensure more cats and dogs find their forever homes.

“To get all these guys adopted,” said Montana Cateni, the Co-Founder and President of Pack Leaders Rescue.

Along with rescuing pets here in Connecticut, Pack Leaders Rescue travel thousands of miles across the country in an animal friend RV and bring pets in need back to East Hartford, three times a month.

“Right now there are millions of dogs being euthanized for absolutely no reason in the United States,” said Montana. “They come out of kill shelters and we find them amazing homes (36) so who can beat that job, right?”

Already this year the rescue group has saved more than 800 dogs, plus since Montana and his wife, Tori, started the group eight years ago thousands of pets from near and far have been adopted.

“Until every dog is adopted and every dog has a home, we are going to continue saving them,” said Tori Cateni, Co-Founder & VP of Pack Leaders Rescue.

On Friday the group brought in 58 pups from Florida and Arkansas. All of the dogs are fixed and get checked by a vet before and after the trip. The animals are also microchipped so they never get lost again.

“I just hope that everyone gets a home and, like, spread awareness, adopt don't shop,” said Brandon Acosta, a volunteer from Hartford.

While most of the dogs transported on August 3rd will probably be adopted soon, Pack Leaders Rescue said they are going to get a large transport of animals in on the Friday right before Clear The Shelters.

“We will probably have 60 to 70 animals for clear the shelters weekend,” said Tori.

The dogs will be at the Manchester Pets-Mart on August 18th. NBC Connecticut and Telemundo Connecticut are teaming up with the Connecticut Humane Society and dozens of animal organizations. Many shelters will offer reduced fees for adoption on August 18th. Hundreds of pets will be available for adoption. Last year in Connecticut, over 1,100 pets found their forever homes during Clear the Shelters.

This is a chance for these animals to find a forever home and for all of us to learn from these lives saved.

“If we could all be like dogs, live in the now and be so understanding and loving, the world would probably be a much better place,” said Montana.

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