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Local Restaurants Prepare for More Take-Out Orders This Super Bowl Sunday

Hot Rod Cafe is expecting to cook upwards of 15,000 wings this Sunday.

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Hot Rod Cafe in New London is preparing for its 15th Super Bowl Sunday, a day that is always busy for the restaurant known for its wings.

"It is the biggest wing day we have here at Hot Rod Cafe," said Roderick Cornish, owner of the restaurant, adding that the pandemic is not slowing down their take-out orders. "It is still the Super Bowl and it is still chicken wings."

The head chef at Hot Rod Cafe, Carlos Paucar, and his kitchen team are preparing to cook upwards of 15,000 wings this Sunday.

The pandemic will affect the dine-in sales, forcing a limited capacity and social distancing. However, take-out orders are stacking up.

Super Bowl Sunday is a busy take-out day in a normal year. Due to the pandemic, Cornish said they have seen even more take-out orders already.

"You still have to keep rolling and we are rolling," said Cornish. "We actually look forward to it. It is fun."

Hot Rod Cafe is still accepting take-out orders, but they encourage people to call before Sunday. They say game day is always busy.

For more information, people are asked to call Hot Rod Cafe at (860) 447-2320 or visit their website.

J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville is also eager for Sunday.

"I expect controlled chaos," said Rino Ouellet, beverage director and manager at J. Timothy's Taverne. "I expect to sell about twelve tons of wings."

J. Timothy's does not have any take-out slots left. All of their available time slots sold out last week. They turned one of their banquet rooms into a retail space to help with all of the take-out orders.

"It shows that the support is very strong," said Ouellet.

Ouellet has noticed that some orders are smaller since public health officials are asking people to avoid big Super Bowl parties this year.

“A lot more people with one bucket instead of two or three buckets. That’s great. They are still supporting us. That’s what it is all about," said Ouellet.

J. Timothy's still has space available for dining-in during the Super Bowl. They have COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

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