Local Roofer Installs Free Roof for West Hartford Veteran

When a local veteran fell on hard times, the community around him stepped up in a big way to help.

Things haven't been easy for Connecticut National Guard veteran Brian Flannigan and his family.

“Last year was the toughest year of my life,” Flannigan said. “My wife, too. A lot of things came our way. One of them was, we had asbestos in the house and we had to get it out before we moved in and it really at up all our funds.”

He needed a new roof.

“Best thing you can do for a vet in trouble is give them help,” said Ron Cantania, a veterans advocate.

Klaus Larsen, a local roofer who is originally from Demark got involved. His company gave the Flannigan’s West Hartford home a new roof - for free.

“We talk about how blessed we were that there was the Americans that actually came and liberated us and that was really close to my heart,” Larsen said. “When I came over here, I felt, there’s got to be a way to give back.”

“It looks like this year is going to be a much better year than last year, thanks to a bunch of people,” Flannigan said.

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