Local Veterans React to Afghan Drawdown

Many CT veterans says the withdrawal isn't happening fast enough.

Veterans across Connecticut watched President Barack Obama's announcement on Wednesday night about troops being brought home from war.  Many of them applauded the drawdown, but said it comes too late and with too high a price.

"Our guys got killed over there. We had men come back without arms and legs and we now have to take care of them. For what? What is Afghanistan to us?" Alford Riou, a Korean War veteran, said.

Other vets, including Vic Dydyn, said the president isn't pulling out of Afghanistan fast enough.

"Let those people take care of themselves. We're not the police department of the world and that's exactly what we have become," Dydyn said.

This war reminds him too much of the war he fought in Vietnam, Dydyn said.

"It's costing us billions of dollars every month. We need to be using that money to help our own people," Dydyn said.

Many now want their loved ones on the first flight back home. They applaud the president's efforts to bring the longest running war in American history to a close.

"We've got Osama bin Laden. It's time to do," Dydyn said.

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