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Locally-Owned Pharmacy Chain Offering COVID-19 Vaccine

Nutmeg Pharmacy, which has four locations, is vaccinating people living near Higganum, Centerbrook, Moodus, and Taftville.

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A locally owned pharmacy is really living up to its mission of keeping the community healthy.  

They’re getting 1,500 shots into arms just this week alone.

Greg McKenna, the pharmacy manager & owner of four Nutmeg Pharmacy locations, said he bought freezers to prepare for vaccine distribution back in May.

“I think that has separated me from some of my other community guys because I went and made the $27,000 investment in freezers, OK, knowing you’re not going to get any of this back.”

But despite the financial loss, the investment has been a win for those who live near his four pharmacies.

“My clients are my family. They’re people that I care about,” he said.

So much so, he said they're even vaccinating folks who can’t leave their homes too.

Nutmeg Pharmacy has a simple sign up website. They’ll let you know when they have a shot available for you, when you’re eligible.

Plus, they keep track of a waitlist too, which is how Kathleen Cropper of Branford got her shot.

“It’s been a stressful time. My dad is 77 and I take care of him, bring him to doctor's appointments. He has cancer,” she said.

Plus, her daughter has a heart condition too.

Cropper said it’s such a relief to be vaccinated and she is so thankful for the staff at Nutmeg Pharmacy in Higganum.

“They are working their tails off, I can’t thank them enough."

McKenna hopes people see the value of having pharmacists more involved in healthcare.

“What I really want to get out of this is for people to really understand pharmacists need to have provider status in the state,” he said.

So as he waits to hear if the state will extend the executive order that allows pharmacists to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s keeping folks safe and the thanks and praise from patients like Cropper that matters.

“I think that’s the thing that keeps you going, because I won’t be bummed when it’s over,” said McKenna, about the pandemic.

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