Sikorsky Parent Company Lockheed Martin Announces Layoffs

Lockheed Martin, parent company to Sikorsky, announced Wednesday that it is laying off 350 employees in the Mission System and Training (MST) division as part of a workforce reduction.

According to a statement from Chris Williams, Lockheed Martin spokesperson, the majority of the affected employees were notified Wednesday. No Sikorsky employees were included in the notifications Wednesday, but Sikorsky is part of the MST division, Williams said.

The company will continue a “thorough analysis” of the Sikorsky business, and any impacted Sikorsky employees will be notified by the end of August, Williams said.

Sikorsky is based in Connecticut but has locations around the world. 

“Although difficult, this action is necessary to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace, secure future business opportunities, and keep our infrastructure appropriately aligned with customer demands,” Williams said in an email.

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