Would-Be New Haven Voters Out of Time to Cast Ballots

About 100 would-be voters waiting in line for same-day registration at New Haven City Hall were turned away when the polls closed.

With half an hour left to vote, city officials warned that voters who didn't make it through the registration doors by 8 p.m. may not have the chance to cast their ballots.

Many of those who waited in line Tuesday night are students at nearby Yale University and ended up waiting two and a half hours in vain.

"I'm a little frustrated that time has the ability to disenfranchise me. It's a little ridiculous," said Jake Faber. "We're just so humans, so as long as it's Election Day, we should be able to vote."

Officials traced the line of voters, handing out registration cards in an effort to expedite the process. Volunteers passed out water bottles, apples and sandwiches, and the Yale University men's and women's a cappella groups performed to help pass the time.

Voting in Connecticut has not been a flawless process today. A Hartford judge ruled to extend hours at two polling stations in the city after late delivery of voter registration lists held up ballot casting in the city.

Wolcott also experienced a brief ballot shortage, and voters at one Naugatuck precinct were handed ballots from the 2012 presidential election.

"It was worth it. Exercise your Democratic right. It's OK if it takes a while, but it's an important thing to do," said Yale sophomore Caroline Kuritzkes. "I feel accomplished."

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