Los Imperios in West Hartford Faces Extension to Suspension

Los Imperios faces an extension to the suspension of its entertainment license.

West Hartford suspended the restaurant's entertainment license for 15 days following a hearing about the restaurant's disturbance violations on July 17.

On Friday, police said Los Imperios now faces an additional 30 days to its more than two-week suspension. However, the restaurant will be provided a hearing before the extension. 

The suspension of the restaurant's entertainment license includes putting an end to the music but still allowing alcohol.

The town adopted an ordinance last October which requires businesses to turn off the music at least a half hour before they close.

But police found that a DJ at the restaurant played music past the allowable time for the entertainment ordinance.

Additionally, police said a least two fights broke out between Los Imperios patrons, and while the victims reported to officers outside the restaurant, employees did not report the incidents to police. 

West Hartford police said the owner of the restaurant and his attorney presented nothing at the first hearing concerning a plan to prevent further disturbances inside or immediately outside Los Imperios. 

Mary Alice Sullivan, a West Hartford resident, said the real boom begins every night when she's trying to wind down.

“It's very loud and that shouting sometimes it sounds kind of violent,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the sound that comes from the Los Imperios restaurant and night club has kept her up for years and is convinced suspending the restaurant's entertainment license won't change a thing.

“Music is not the problem, I never hear any music at all what I hear is people coming out from the party continuing right on the street,” Sullivan said.

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